Dr. Raymond Casey

Dr. Raymond Casey

Dr. Raymond Casey
1917 – 2016

The Society is saddened to have to report the passing of Dr. Raymond Casey.

Raymond was extremely well-known and respected within philately and beyond. He was a former president and honorary member of the BSRP, as well as having been editor of the Society’s Journal. He was also a fellow of the Royal Philiatelic Society of London, an honorary member of Rossica, a member of the TPO and Seapost Society, a member of the Scandinavia Philatelic Society, and won multiple international awards for his exhibits.

Over his long life, Raymond made an immense contribution to Russian philately, not least through his extensive original research in the sphere of Imperial Russian postal history. He was particularly well-known for his collections of Russian Imperial Ship Mail and the Russian Post in China and Manchuria.

Raymond will be greatly missed within the Society, philately, and beyond.

There will be a fuller obituary in the next issue of the Journal which will try to do justice to the memory of a man who achieved and contributed so much over such a long period.

BATUM UNDER OCCUPATION the years 1917 – 1921

The  British Society of Russian Philately (BSRP)  in conjunction with David Feldman SA are in the process of preparing a series of books covering many aspects of Russian philately.

BATUM UNDER OCCUPATION the years 1917-1921 by H G Grigoleit and E Klempka is the first in a series to be produced by the publishers, and has been funded by the kind sponsorship of David Feldman SA.

140 pages covering the postal history and stamps of the Occupation period 1917-21, this book is an important update of earlier works on this subject, which were produced in the pre-computer days when text, and in particular, illustrations were difficult to produce. It contains numerous illustrations, covers the stamps issued during the occupation period, and the postal history of both civilian and military mail.

Members of the British Society of Russian Philately will receive a complimentary copy. Members of ROSSICA, The German Society of Russian Philatelists and other societies will be offered complementary copies on request. Additional copies of the book will be available from the secretary of BSRP at £35 plus p&p.

Future titles under consideration will cover the published notes and works of Dr Raymond Casey, the Russian Civil War, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan.

David Feldman SA 50th Anniversary Auction, Geneva 27 June 2017 – Russia and Soviet Union

David Feldman SA 50th Anniversary Auction, Geneva 27 June 2017 – Russia and Soviet Union

This catalogue represents the eighth major Russia sale David Feldman SA has had in the last five years. Again, we bring to the market an unusually large presentation of Russian material. This auction’s offer follows the amazing success of the five Dr. Casey’s Russian Post Offices in the Chinese Empire sales, which were offered between April 2012 and December 2016. The current auction presents to the market a wonderful offering of Soviet Union. It represents most certainly one of the most comprehensive collections of the Soviet period we have ever offered, with a particular emphasis on blocks of four, plus some important imperforates, errors and airmails. In addition we also have a fine selection of some early Imperial Russia with no less than two unused 1857 10k, plus some lots from the Casey Ship mail collection, a fine array of Zemstvos in large blocks and complete sheets, and a group of general Russia collections.

PDF catalogue:


Russian lots:



BJRP 100 – Nov 2009

BJRP 100 – Nov 2009





1 Contents

2 Officers of the Society

3 Editorial

4 France’s 11 Ivo J Steijn

12 Odessa 8 – Trident stamps Edward Klempka

17 Forgery alerts in the early 20th century David Skipton

21 Modern Crimean Cinderellas Ivo J Steijn

32 The Captain’s Log. 5 Raymond Casey

58 This mysterious blue postcard Alexander Epstein

69 A French officer’s journey through Siberia – 1919 Russian Civil war Edward Klempka

73 An inventory of known Breitfuss correspondence Michael Kuhn

88 Methods of cancelling documentary revenues Jack Moyes

108 Unauthorised reprints of Soviet stamps? Ivo J Steijn

111 The Viatka archive – Zemstvo Edward Klempka

113 Other people’s mail – The evacuee Dennis Page

114 The theme of armed forces on Soviet stamps from 1921-1941 and 1945-1980 G. T. Volostnykh

118 On the catalogue of pre-stamp postmarks of the Russian Empire Manfred Dobin

125 Russian field post in the Far East – Addenda & corrigenda Alexander Epstein

128 Letter to the Editor

128 Obituary – Harry Turner P. T. Ashford

129 Reviews

135 Advertisements