Issue 156 of Rossica’s Journal has just been published. Here’s a summary of the contents:

  • A Fresh Look at the Tiflis Town Post, by Howard Weinert
  • Message from the Editor, by William Moskoff
  • Rediscovered Treasures, by Leon Finik
  • The Letter No One Wanted to Receive: Notifying the Next of Kin during WWII in the Soviet Union, 1941-1945, by William Moskoff, David M. Skipton and Carol Gayle
  • Stalin on Soviet and Russian Stamps, by Alexander Kolchinsky
  • Finnish Offices Abroad. In the Soviet Union…, by David Skipton and Vesa Järvistö
  • Shanghai Cinderellas, by Nikolai Sorokin
  • Unknown Rarities of Russian Philately, by Pavel “Duck” Pavlov, translated by David M. Skipton
  • Flyspecker 156, by Greg Mirsky & David Waterman
  • Russia: Civil War in Siberia—Unissued Stamps, Proofs, Postal Cards and Wrappers, by G.G. Werbizky
  • ROPiT + Odessa RR + R.O.P.T.O.Zh.D., by V.G. Levandovskiy
  • Russia Used Abroad (WWI—Romania), by Alexander Epstein
  • Unique Postage Stamps of the RSFSR, by V.V. Pritula
  • Mystery of the Unissued Stamp Commemorating the 20th Anniversary of theWomen’s International Democratic Federation, by Pavel “Duck” Pavlov, translated by Nikolai Sorokin
  • A Dot Cancel to North America, by John D. Myke
  • The First Issue of the Pereslavl’ County Zemstvo Stamps, by Yuriy Gurevich and Leon Finik, translated by David M. Skipton
  • Provisionals and Substitutes of the Pskov Post, by A. Serebriakov and Iu. Serebriakov, translated by Aleksandra Denisenko and William Moskoff
  • Ambitious Zemstvo Catalogue Undertaking, by G. G. Werbizky
  • Further Notes on Russia Used Abroad, by John D. Myke

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Weekend meeting and AGM, 23 & 24 October 2010

The programme for Saturday 23rd October consisted of the following

At 09.30 we commenced with a get-together and bourse which was followed by some members’ displays before the morning’s major exhibits.

Dr Raymond Casey – The Russo Japanese War in Pictures & Terry Page – The Zemstvo Posts: Money Transmission and Foreign Mail

After a break for luncheon there followed major displays from

Dr Thomas Berger – The Postal History of the Black Sea up to 1919

Edward Klempka – The Romanov Tercentenary & other pictorial issues of the period

Trevor Pateman – Early Usage of Imperial Arms Imperforates, 1917-1919

The day then finalised after some more members’ displays

The programme for Sunday 24th October consisted of the following

At 09.30 and after the get-together, bourse & members’ displays, there followed major displays from

Edward Klempka – The Zemstvo Stamps & Postal History of Gadiach

Nigel Chandler – Russian Stamps Used in Poland

After Luncheon and a Bourse there followed the 2nd Presidential display

Terry Page – Official Zemstvo Mail & Recent Acquisitions from various members

The Formal Meeting of the Society was then followed by the Annual General Meeting

New items in gallery

We have added two lovely covers to start off our online gallery:

  • Odessa-Nice (transit Austria), 1866. An outstanding cover from the collection of Tony Speeckaert. View here.
  • Registered cover from Moscow to Dresden, 1888. An outstanding cover from the collection of Edward Kossoy. View here.

There’s more to come!

New website

Welcome to the BSRP’s new website. The old site had become very dated, so we’ve launched a new site with a more modern design. We’ve kept things very simple to begin with, but bear with us as we will be adding new information and features.