BJRP 108 – Nov 2018

BJRP 108 – Nov 2018

BJRP 108




iiEditorial Edward Klempka
Officers of the Society
iiiBSRP London Annual Meeting 7 October 2017
ivThe Russian Academy at the Royal Terry Page FRPSL
1A Carriage Journey Across Siberia in 1875 – Continued Philip E. Robinson FRPSL
3Regional Postal History of Ukraine 1917-1921: Podolia and Volhynia Gubernii – Part II Thomas Berger and Alexander Epstein
24More Postcards from the Skobelev Society Jack G. Moyes
27Tiflis City Post circa June 1857
New Discovery: Sixth Example of the First Adhesive Stamp of Russia
Christopher G. Harman RDP Hon. FRPSL
34The 1923 Small Heads Issue John R. Iacovino
46Why Quellenstein?
Or, how Successful Lobbying led to the Opening of a Regional Post Office
Hannes Westendorf
56A Postcard from the Steamer Odessa with an “…unusual” Cachet John D. Myke
59Northern Region Postal History (August 1918 – February/March 1920) Pavel “Duck” Pavlov, Alexander Epstein
9090 Batum Supplement 1 Hans G. Grigoleit & Edward Klempka
BJRP 105 – Nov 2015

BJRP 105 – Nov 2015

BJRP 105



2Officers of the Society
3Editorial Edward Klempka
BSRP Weekend Meeting held 04-05 Oct. 2014
41935-36 Kushka Robert Jack
6Sweden Travellers – an Episode at the End of the Second World War Andreas Bliersbach – translation from German by Philip E Robinson, FRPSL
18Regional Postal History of Ukraine 1917-21: Kherson Guberniya – Part I Thomas Berger and Alexander Epstein
50Prisoner of War Mail from Japanese Controlled P.O.W. Camps 1919 – 1920 Edward Klempka
52Russian Empire Used Abroad: Russian Post in China and Printed Matter Dr Wilhelm Grundmann
561917-1919 Printing, Distribution and Use of Imperial Arms Imperforate Stamps Trevor Pateman
59The Luboml Issue Ron Tufft
63Japanese Occupation of Sakhalin Island Edward Klempka
66Moscow: Temporary Offices Noel Warr
70The Northern Route – Mail from Afghanistan through Russia during World War II Robert Jack
78Stamps of General Vlasov’s Army Simon Horecky
831904 Russian Japanese War Scottish P.O.W. Edward Klempka
86Imperial Free Frank Paper Seals in Georgian Territory Hans-Günther Grigoleit
91A Railway Miscellany J. G. Moyes
98Spotlight On… Philip Robinson FRPSL


BJRP 100 – Nov 2009

BJRP 100 – Nov 2009





1 Contents

2 Officers of the Society

3 Editorial

4 France’s 11 Ivo J Steijn

12 Odessa 8 – Trident stamps Edward Klempka

17 Forgery alerts in the early 20th century David Skipton

21 Modern Crimean Cinderellas Ivo J Steijn

32 The Captain’s Log. 5 Raymond Casey

58 This mysterious blue postcard Alexander Epstein

69 A French officer’s journey through Siberia – 1919 Russian Civil war Edward Klempka

73 An inventory of known Breitfuss correspondence Michael Kuhn

88 Methods of cancelling documentary revenues Jack Moyes

108 Unauthorised reprints of Soviet stamps? Ivo J Steijn

111 The Viatka archive – Zemstvo Edward Klempka

113 Other people’s mail – The evacuee Dennis Page

114 The theme of armed forces on Soviet stamps from 1921-1941 and 1945-1980 G. T. Volostnykh

118 On the catalogue of pre-stamp postmarks of the Russian Empire Manfred Dobin

125 Russian field post in the Far East – Addenda & corrigenda Alexander Epstein

128 Letter to the Editor

128 Obituary – Harry Turner P. T. Ashford

129 Reviews

135 Advertisements