BJRP 102 – Nov 2012




1 Contents  
2 Officers of the Society  
3 Editorial Edward Klempka
4 The Omsk Exhibition of 1911 Philip E. Robinson, FRPSL
7 Parcel Cards Noel Warr
13 Locally Revalued Industry & Commerce Issue Edward Klempka
19 Loot – From Postal History to Social Philately Trevor Pateman
22 Batum Postal History During British Occupation Misha Alishabaya
37 A Fake Military Censor Mark David Skipton
42 Topping and Tailing Moscow’s LV Ekspeditsia  Noel Warr
44 The Czechoslovak Army in Ukraine Peter Cybaniak and Roman Dubyniak
57 New data on the Northwest Army Postal Service and Stamps Alexander Epstein
65 LS, Cachet Prive/LS a Curious Cancel Noel Warr
66 Postal Rates of October and November 1923 Edward Klempka
72 Volost Administrations Part Two Jack Moyes
81 Warsaw, the Vienna Station, an Introduction Noel Warr
86 German Field Post Caucasus/Batum Hans Grigoleit
88 When were the Russian Post Offices in Manchuria closed? Hiromasa Iitsuka
90 Great Britain to Russia – The “Impossible” 1/2d Charles Leonard
93 Dauriya-A Prisoner-of-War Camp in Transbaikalia Andreas Bliersbach
103 German Military Mail WWI in the Caucasus Hans Grigoleit
110 Notices