BJRP 103 – Nov 2013





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BSRP Weekend Meeting held 20-21 Oct. 2012

Edward Klempka
6 Shadrinsk S12: a stamp surrounded by mystery Bernard Furnon
10 Glimpses of the Russian Postal System, 1905 Philip Robinson
13 Napoleon goes to Moscow Peter Chadwick
28 The Bisects of the Zemstvo District of Osa Edward Klempka
37 The Charge of the Light Brigade Robin Cassell
44 Simbirsk to Moscow – a much travelled cover Noel Warr
42 Topping and Tailing Moscow’s LV Ekspeditsia  Noel Warr
44 The Czechoslovak Army in Ukraine Peter Cybaniak and Roman Dubyniak
46 Russian Ship Mail to Korea Hiromasa Iitsuka
49 Triple Circle 3 x Line Undated “Otdyelenie Ekspeditsiya Town Post” Lenard Tiller
51 The Sotchi Stamps Dr Hans-Günther Grigoleit
57 Ukraine Army “Free of Postage” Handstamps Peter Cybaniak and Roman Dubyniak
60 Polish Occupation of Skalat Edward Klempka
61 Regional Postal History of Ukraine 1917-1921: Kharkov and Yekaterinoslav Gubernias (Part 1) Thomas Berger (Bern) and

Alexander Epstein (Tallin)

81 A Card from Prince Koslowsky Peter Chadwick
83 The Final Postal Stationery of Western Ukraine Peter Cybaniak and Roman Dubyniak
87 Mountain Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic Dr Hans-Günther Grigoleit
92 Romanian Occupation of Pokutia Edward Klempka
97 Book Review  
98 Obituary – Norman Ames Terry Page
99 Notices