BJRP 104 – Nov 2014





1 Contents
2 Officers of the Society
3 Editorial Edward Klempka
BSRP Weekend Meeting held 19-20 Oct. 2013
4 Some Money for the Abbot Philip Robinson FRPSL
6 Regional Postal History of Ukraine 1917-1921: Kharkov and Yekaterinoslav Gubernias – Part II Thomas Berger (Bern) and Alexander Epstein (Tallinn)
28 Marco Fontano, a Stamp Collector’s Nightmare Ron Tufft
32 Ship Mail from and to Japan Hiromasa Iitsuka
40 Russian Censorship of Foreign Newspapers, Magazines and Printed Matter Charles Leonard
42 Ukraine – The Kherson Trident Peter Cybaniak
50 The Iran Gilan (Bolshevik) Insurgency Stamps Ron Tufft
52 The 1861 List of Postage Rates Charles Leonard
57 The Rarest of the Rare Peter Cybaniak and Roman Dubyniak
59 Azerbaijan Postmaster Provisionals (Vereinbarungsaufdrucke) Hans Grigoleit
80 Local Revaluations of Stamps Officially not Destined for it Alexander Epstein
90 Searching for the Unknown Beauty Simon Horecky
94 Book Reviews
95 Obituaries
97 Notices