BJRP 107 – Nov 2017

BJRP 107




i Contents
ii Editorial Edward Klempka
Officers of the Society
iii BSRP London Annual Meeting 15 October 2016
1 1899 Labels Noel Warr
4 Forgeries of the Lenin Mourning Issue of 1924 John R Iacovino
7 Regional Postal History of Ukraine:
Podolia and Volhynia – Part I
Thomas Berger and Alexander Epstein
25 The “EZGB” Watermark on Russian Postage Stamps Ing. Alois Vávra, CSc.
32 Shake, Rattle and Roll: A Carriage Journey Across Siberia in 5 Howard Weinert
34 What Happened at the Batum Post Office during the British Occupation Hans Grigoleit and Edward Klempka
40 The Clandestine Mail Surveillance Office at Minsk 1921-1950 David M Skipton and Steve Volis
51 Czecho-Slovak Society of Russian Philately Simon Horecky
52 BSRP Journal No. 106 — Errata
Vyatka Gubernia (Province) Non Stamp Issuing Zemstvo Uezds (Districts)
 Anthony Calvert
53 Post Stations and their Manuscript Markings in the Territory of Today’s Estonia (1833 to approximately 1875) Hannes Westendorf
70 Mongolia — From Genghis Khan to the People’s Republic. Postal History, Postmarks and Postage Stamps (XIIIth century to 1941) Wilhelm Grundmann
107 Obituaries: Dr R J Ceresa, Reg Hindley and Terry A Morris