BJRP 108 – Nov 2018

BJRP 108




i Contents
ii Editorial Edward Klempka
Officers of the Society
iii BSRP London Annual Meeting 7 October 2017
iv The Russian Academy at the Royal Terry Page FRPSL
1 A Carriage Journey Across Siberia in 1875 – Continued Philip E. Robinson FRPSL
3 Regional Postal History of Ukraine 1917-1921: Podolia and Volhynia Gubernii – Part II Thomas Berger and Alexander Epstein
24 More Postcards from the Skobelev Society Jack G. Moyes
27 Tiflis City Post circa June 1857
New Discovery: Sixth Example of the First Adhesive Stamp of Russia
Christopher G. Harman RDP Hon. FRPSL
34 The 1923 Small Heads Issue John R. Iacovino
46 Why Quellenstein?
Or, how Successful Lobbying led to the Opening of a Regional Post Office
Hannes Westendorf
56 A Postcard from the Steamer Odessa with an “…unusual” Cachet John D. Myke
59 Northern Region Postal History (August 1918 – February/March 1920) Pavel “Duck” Pavlov, Alexander Epstein
90 90 Batum Supplement 1 Hans G. Grigoleit & Edward Klempka
104 Notices