Reply To: Postal route between Russia and France during WWI

Caroline Lee


It took some time before the new postal routes were established according to the borders still open for the mail from Russia. Exit was through the “semi-open” Finnish-Swedish border. From there mail went by rail and ship to Denmark and further to France by neutral shipping, either direct or via England.


I own a small group of letters, that shows that even communication between Prussia and Russia was still possible in important matters of noble families. A young German countes was cut off from home by the breakout of the war. She was visiting a Lithuanian Grand Duke, who was a close friend of her family. Not only was she spared from civil internment camp, she also was able to send messages to her aunt in Germany via the daughter of the Grand Duke, who was married to a nobleman, who was working at the Russian Embasy at The Hague. In Spring 1915, she was able to go home by crossing the Finnish-Swedish border and through Denmark.