Reply To: Is it Khabanovsk’s check mark?


The following are two of the most important philatelic documents researching Russian postal inspection stamps. In these two philatelic documents, the red round inspection stamp used in Khabanovsk is very similar to the red round inspection stamp on the Lot 1130 envelope. The only difference is in the time of use. The Lot1130 envelope was used in May 1915, while the Khabanovsk round red check stamp recorded in the two philatelic documents was used in July 1915. In addition, in the catalog of inspection stamps in Vladivostok, there is no round red inspection stamp similar to that on the Lot1130 envelope.


From the analysis of the mailing route of the Lot1130 envelope, the red round check mark on the envelope should be stamped at a certain place along the eastern section of the Siberian Railway, such as Khabanovsk, Vladivostok, etc. If this inference can be confirmed , Then, the red round check stamp on the Lot1130 envelope may be a newly discovered example that has not been recorded before. If this is the case, it will make up for the shortcomings of the above two philatelic documents。