Call for help: 1918 cover with imperial revenue stamps

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      I am a collector of both philatelic and numismatic material on the dividing line between the two. That is, stamps used as money, and fiscal stamps used for postage. There are many items that stem from the period either side of the Russian revolution that are of interest, together with other items from the rest of the World from 1862 to date.

      I have collected many of the Russian currency stamps, as well at Latvian material, and stamp money from Odessa, Crimea, Terek, and Baku as well as Amur, Mineralnye Vody and elsewhere.

      I am currently collecting covers that have Postal Savings Bank stamps or Control stamps used for postage (SG201-210), and have recently bought a cover that is taxing me greatly. It is a cover sent on 27 July 1918 from Korez with three stamps on the back (as usual). They are two 5k 1907 Imperial revenues and one 15k 1907 revenue (Barefoot 17 and 19). I was not aware that the 1907 Imperial revenues had ever been authorised for postage and wonder if there are other examples that your members are familiar with. I am very much aware that during the revolutionary period there were many postal anomalies, and many ‘philatelic covers’ were produced by favour, but this cover is carefully addressed and has a receiving stamp for the day after it was posted.

      If there are members who share at least some aspects of my interests, then I will be happy to join your society.

      Sincerely, yours,

      Richard Capon

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