Early usage of romanov stamps and stationery

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    In the past I have noticed a lot of discussion about early usage of the Romanov stamps and stationery.

    In my collection I have a large size 7 kopeck postal stationery envelope with additional 3 kopeck stamp (Tsar Alexander III) sent from St Petersburg to Germany on 5th January 1913. This may have come from one of those great collectors of the past who have now moved into the great stamp centre in heaven, but I thought I should record it. Thanks,Alan Sabey

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    Maxime Citerne

    March 15 2013 (22:18)

    Thanks Alan for sharing this. I have in my stock a 1 ruble Romanov used on a parcel card from Moscow to Liège (Belgium) on the 4th January 1913. I have seen another card from the same correspondance with the same date and franking as well in another collection. This is the earliest use of any Romanov ruble value that I have ever seen. Earlier dates are known (going back as far as the 31th december 1912) for the kopecks adhesives, discussed previously for example by the late Rev. Tann. Maxime Citerne

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