Invitation: Attend display by BSRP member John Lea at Royal Philatelic Society

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      BSRP member John Lea (joined 1959) has been invited by Brian Trotter the President of the Royal Philatelic Society to give a display in celebration of John’s nearly 70 years of membership of the Royal.

      John will be showing up to 588 pages in the frames from 2pm until about 6pm at the Royal Philatelic Society, 41 Devonshire Place London W1G 6JY, UK on Thursday 19 December 2013.

      Included in John’s display will be 1918 – 1920 issues of the Ukraine – last shown at the Royal Philatelic Society by C.W. Roberts in May 1971 – previously in March 1952. Also to include the Courier Post – just 13 – 15 pages but includes 3 covers. Ukraine only forms a part of his display and John is preparing a hand-out for the occasion.

      If any member of the BSRP would like to visit the Royal Philatelic Society on Thursday 19 December as John’s guest or would like any further information, please contact the secretary before 1 December 2013. Members of the BSRP who are already members of the Royal do not need to apply in advance.

      John recently managed to get several more covers with Tridents to add to his collection at a sale at Corinphilia. “Might even have been in the late C W Roberts or Dr Seichter’s collections” says John. “Covers in a sale of Corinphilia all made 5 times Trevor Pateman’s estimates! (2000 – 2500 S Fr each). Market very much alive as it included the Ukraine collections of C W Roberts and Dr Seichter.”

      The Royal Philatelic Society is the oldest philatelic society in the world, established in 1869 as The Philatelic Society, London. The Royal has over 1000 overseas members, almost 900 members in the United Kingdom, and their libraries, collections and archives go back to the beginning of the postage stamp and beyond.

      J Lea

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