Overprint on Kolcak army stamps

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      Message posted on behalf of Jan Kocna …

      I have found your pages on the interenet and I would like to ask you for help.
      I cannot find clear information about these stamps:

      From Soloviev

      This picture is from Soloviev catalogue and it seems, that this overprint exist on Kolcak army stamps, it means value 35 or 70 on Russian stamps (but if it is true, where is DVR overprint from?)
      In Scott catalogue I see, that this overprint exists on Far Eastern republic and similar information I see in Yvert catalogue.

      On the other hand Michel catalogue says, that first stamp is on Kolcak army (without DVR) and two others on Fernen Ostens (Far East) stamps.

      All relevant scans from catalogues I put to the attachment.

      What is correct ? Does this overprint (PZK) exist on Kolcak army stamps (without DVR overprint) or not ?
      I really appreciate your help

      Best regards
      Jan Kocna
      Czech Republic

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      Only Kolchak stamps having the DVR overprint were overprinted later with PZK.

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