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    I have recently purchased a 9 volume Russian Collection at Auction and while examing the 1986 -1991 Album in particular the postmarks are frighteningly uniform leaving me with the conclusion that they were pre cancelled solely for the collectors market.How does this effect value?How do they fit for resale?Any advice would be welcome if anyone actually uses this forum.I am a newbie to Russian Stamps and could do with pointers to reliable sites for gap filling.

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    I also, have a collection of used Soviet stamps which are mainly cancelled to order (CTO). You would be hard pressed to obtain genuine used copies unless you collected them on cover. As for the resale value, you would have had some idea from the purchase you made. Most stamp fair will have some Soviet stamps. Like all collecting, it is what interests you, what you can afford, and above all the enjoyment of collecting.

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    Thanks for that .Pleased to see someone else is alive out there.My collection is growing nicely and I have now transferred it to the beautiful Rusky Albums very happy bunny both with UPS Auction Site tremendous service on original purchase and later supplementary buys.


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    I have hundreds of CTO stamps from USSR, and also a collection of correspondence from USSR to someone in England. The stamps on the covers have been through the post and are much more collectable that CTO. Many countries do this but in my view it’s like cheating because they are not used for postage.

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