Purchasing World War I Postal History Envelopes, Postcards and Philatelic Exchan

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      Hong XIAO

      I collect and study the changes of China Post in the First World Period, especially the impact of the war on China Post, such as the change of the Siberian postal route, the German-Austrian prisoner-of-war mail, the Siberian intervention war mail, the Chinese inspection mail, the Qingdao-Japanese-German war mail, The mails of Chinese workers who went to the front lines in Europe to participate in the war, and the mails between Germany-Austro-Hungary and China during the war.

      I urge all philatelists and friends to be able to display, provide and sell your collections.

      My E-mail: czyuzhe@163.com


      XIAO Hong

      China National Stamp Exhibition Judge

      Deputy Director of Academic Committee of Jiangsu Philatelic Association of China

      Vice President of Changzhou Philatelic Association, Jiangsu Province, China

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