Romanov postage and currency stamps

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    I recently became a member of the Society to learn more for the Romanov collection I am putting together. I have been happily making notes from the index and then looking at the relevant pages from the Journals and printing them to form a reference book to help me with my collection “The Life and Times of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia” which I began about two years ago.

    I thought I was seeing things when I reached Vol. 65 and page 29. I thought that the top postcard illustrated was mine! The addressee is identical (except there is K K in pencil after Herr.), the stamps are in the same order but the postcard is a different production.

    I have enclosed a scan of my card to save trying to describe it. I would appreciate a translation please of the red two line handstamp across the card as mine has the same handstamp. it would seem that a number were done and it is obviously philatelic but the combination of postage and currency stamps is intriguing.
    I presume that 10 Kopecks would be the rate from Helsingfors (Helsinki) Finland to Copenhagen in Denmark at the time?

    Incidentally I have five loose examples of the currency stamps used; 2 x 1k, 2 x 2k and one example of the 3k used and that stamp has a distinguishable part of a postmark TYH. There is not enough postmark on the other four to say where they were used. Comments and observations would be appreciated.

    Alan Sabey (UK)


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    Terry Morris

    March 5 2013 (17:22)

    The handstamp reads: ‘Opened by the Military Censor. [space for date] Helsingfors Military Censor No.141.’

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