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      I have been seeking unsuccessfully for postage and registration costs for the postcards attached and highlighted in yellow in the spreadsheet. Sheet 2 is in Russian for when I tried the Popov Museum.

      I have tried the Rossica Society, Irina Zagorsky, AS Popov Museum in St Petersburg. The best results I obtained were internal, not external to Russia.

      I wonder if one of your members or the BSRP has the info I seek, please.

      If you require scans, I have these, but have refrained from sending them at this stage

      Please could you put this request on the board for members to see and hopefully be able to help.

      Kind regards,

      Michael Barden

      Box 156, Balwyn 3103
      Victoria, Australia

      +613 9855 0999

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      vasilis opsimos

      Dear Michael,

      in the period May 1st, 1936 to June 10th, 1950, the international postcard rate from the Soviet Union was 30 kopecks. The registration charge was 80k (hence a registered card cost 1R 10k). The airmail surcharge was 1R – hence a registered airmail card cost 2R 10k.

      In the period September 1st, 1917 to March 10th, 1918, the international postcard rate was 8 kopecks.

      Hope this helps.


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