Other Societies

Here are contact details for some overseas societies specialising in Russian philately.


Based in the US, The Rossica Society of Russian Philately is an active society. They publish the Rossica Journal of Russian Philately and their website includes the ‘Samovar’ discussion area.


Filatelistengroep Het Baltische Gebied

The Filatelistengroep “Het Baltische Gebied” (Philatelists Group “The Baltic Area”) is a group of collectors of the stamps of the Baltic states. The group’s activities are principally directed at the enlargement and spread of the philatelic knowledge concerning these areas of collecting.

J Kaptein (Editor), Reigerskamp 705, 3607 JP Maarssen, Netherlands
email: jan@jkaptein.nl website: www.hetbaltischegebied.nl

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Russland/UdSSR

A community of primarily German-speaking collectors interested in the philately and postal history of Russia, the RSFSR, USSR, the new republics and related areas.

Jörg Bochmann, Pappelweg 13, D-71546 Aspach, Germany
e-mail: joerg.bochmann@t-online.de website: www.arge-russland.de

The Canadian Society of Russian Philately

The CSRP closed in 2009. The archive of its journal ‘Post Rider’ is available digitally through Rossica. There is more information here (http://www.rossica.org/Samovar/viewthread.php?tid=2263).

Worldwide Society of Russian Philately

The Worldwide Society of Russian Philately aims to foster and promote the exchange of philatelic information relative to the Russian Empire and related areas of collecting. The Society is international in scope and non-political in nature. The WSRP website includes some online displays and a catalogue of new issues.