New item on ZOOM meeting agenda

Ask the Expert!

Do you have a question? Need some advice on your chosen subject, a cover, a stamp. Perhaps you are looking for some background information, a bit of history, improve your knowledge of an item in your collection.

This is not an expertising offer but a chance to get some answers to a question that has been puzzling you.

As a NEW item on our regular BSRP Zoom meeting agenda, “Ask the Expert!’, if we find the information you require we will:

1. Share your enquiry with fellow society members ahead of the next advertised Zoom meeting, and

2. We will reveal the answer LIVE at the meeting.

We will try our best to answer every enquiry, but cannot of course guarantee an outcome. Should we fail we can however, try and refer you to other sources that might be able to help.

All enquiries welcome.

Contact: send a pm via Facebook or email