BSRP ZOOM MEETING, Sunday 13 March 2022 at 7.30pm GMT
1. Neil Ritchie (President, BSRP) – Welcome
2. Hans-Günther Grigoleit – The development of the postal system in Georgia after 1991. The influence of stamp dealers
Born June 1942. Studied medicine at Goethe-University, Frankfurt/Main, Germany. Licenced as medical doctor. MD at the German Embassy in Turkey 1970-72. From 1973 employee of a globally operating German pharmaceutical company, with responsibilities for two years in each of the US and China. 1997 retirement and consultant to the pharmaceutical industry. Since 1993 I have had the chance to visit Georgia from time to time and started to collect Georgian postal material. Now I am free to use some of my time for philatelic excursions into Transcaucasia and especially Georgia.
3. Bernard Furnon – A new discovery of Alatyr Zemstvo
Retired officer of the French navy. I live half time in Russia (Moscow) and in France (Avignon). My main collecting interests are Zemstvo philately and Imperial Russia. Expert AIEP for Zemstvo philately. Member of BSRP and various other societies related to Russian philately. Life member of the Union of philatelists of Russia.
4. Neil Richie – An opportunity for you to show some single items that you may not be able to show otherwise. It’s entitled “Items I know something about but maybe someone knows more”

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