Dr. Raymond Casey

Dr. Raymond Casey
1917 – 2016

The Society is saddened to have to report the passing of Dr. Raymond Casey.

Raymond was extremely well-known and respected within philately and beyond. He was a former president and honorary member of the BSRP, as well as having been editor of the Society’s Journal. He was also a fellow of the Royal Philiatelic Society of London, an honorary member of Rossica, a member of the TPO and Seapost Society, a member of the Scandinavia Philatelic Society, and won multiple international awards for his exhibits.

Over his long life, Raymond made an immense contribution to Russian philately, not least through his extensive original research in the sphere of Imperial Russian postal history. He was particularly well-known for his collections of Russian Imperial Ship Mail and the Russian Post in China and Manchuria.

Raymond will be greatly missed within the Society, philately, and beyond.

There will be a fuller obituary in the next issue of the Journal which will try to do justice to the memory of a man who achieved and contributed so much over such a long period.