1. Welcome – Host Neil Ritchie

2. Simon Horecký – Postal History of Volga German Republic (15 mins)

Born in 1993, graduated in 2019 with a degree in International Relations, History and Politics. Specialising in history and politics of Czechoslovakia, and Eastern Europe region in the 20th century. Currently working in the family real estate business. Redactor and member of the board of the Czecho-Slovak Society of Russian Philately. Interest in Russia/Soviet postal history up until 1960 with particular interest in items connected with WW2.

3. Ivo Steijn – Crimea under German occupation, 1941-1944 (15 mins)

Ivo Steijn is a regular contributor to our Zoom meetings and his professional and informative presentations have been very well received. Ivo works as a director for a bank in California and lives in Los Angeles. His collecting interests include Crimean postmarks, Siberian postal history of the Civil War period, and various post-Soviet states like Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Turkmenistan. He has been a BSRP member since the late 19th century (only a slight exaggeration!) and has fond memories of the meetings at the Union Jack Club, back when he still lived in the Netherlands.

4. Gilbert Rios – The use of the word “zavod” on Russian Cancellations (10 mins)

Now retired, Gilbert was Professor, Head of the Chemical Engineering Department at the School of Chemistry of the University of Montpellier and Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (London). He worked actively for more than 15 years in various research programs for the European Commission and UNESCO. His main interests are in postal history of Imperial Russia (and to a lesser extent, pre-1900’s Swiss philately or German old states).

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