Program 13 June 2021 at 7.30 (BST)
1. Introduction by Host Neil Ritchie (President of the BSRP)
2. ROSSICA GUEST SPEAKER – Dr Vitaly Geyfman – The very little known 1919 provisional issue from the town of Gdov

Dr Vitaly Geyfman is a practicing physician specializing in Cardiology and Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology in Scranton, Pennsylvania.  Born in Arkhangelsk, Russia, Dr. Geyfman had exposure to philately from early childhood through his father, an avid stamp collector of Russia and USSR, but picked up the hobby while in medical school.  Vitaly is a life member of American Philatelic Society (APS) as well as an active member of Rossica Society of Russian Philately and Lithuanian Philatelic Society (LPS).  He is a leading expert in Lithuanian Philately, including WW2 German occupation of the area for the LPS. Over the last several years he has published over a dozen articles in different philatelic journals, including The Journal of Lithuanian Philately (USA), PhilLit Journal (Lithuania), Rossica Journal (USA) and The American Philatelist.

3. Ivo Steijn – Paid in cash

Ivo Steijn is a regular contributor to our Zoom meetings and his professional and informative presentations have been very well received. Ivo works as a director for a bank in California and lives in Los Angeles. His collecting interests include Crimean postmarks, Siberian postal history of the Civil War period, and various post-Soviet states like Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Turkmenistan. He has been a BSRP member since the late 19th century (only a slight exaggeration!) and has fond memories of the meetings at the Union Jack Club, back when he still lived in the Netherlands.

4. Magnus Cameron – An Introduction to the Shahiv Issue and Me!

Magnus is a student from Leeds, UK. He has been collecting Ukraine, Russia and Eastern Europe in general since 2016 but more recently his interests have been piqued specifically towards Ukraine’s early period of independence and famine within the Soviet Union. A thematic interest of his in the 1940 Olympics has also recently begun a study of WWII Finnish field post and censor marks. He very much looks forward to exploring further and learning more about philately in Eastern Europe as a member of the society.


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