Held at the Union Jack Club, Waterloo, London

The programme for Saturday 22nd October consisted of the following

At 09.30 we commenced with a get-together and course which was followed by some members’ displays before the morning’s major exhibits.

Edward Klempka
Civil War Military Intervention
Dr Raymond Casey
Black Sea & Levant Ship Mail

After a break for luncheon there followed major displays from

Dr Thomas Berger
Independent Ukraine 1918 – 1920
Misha Alishabaya (Moscow) & Dr Hans Grigoleit (Wiesbaden)
Turkish and British Postal Services in Batum 1918 – 1920
Trevor Pateman
Early Usage of Imperial Arms Imperforates, 1917-1919
The day then finalised after further members’ displays, before retiring to the Cote Restaurant in Covent Garden where members and their guests were able to enjoy an evening meal together

The programme for Sunday 24th October consisted of the following

At 09.30 and after the get-together, bourse & members’ displays, there followed major displays from

Terry Page & Edward Klempka
The Viatka Court Archive Explored
Lenard Tiller & Robin Joseph
Latvia – The 1st Independence: Sun, Arms and ‘Banknote’ Stamps

After Luncheon and a Bourse there followed a major display from

Edward Klempka
Important Russian Covers – 1888 to 1923
The President (and organiser of the ‘Oktober Weekend’ events) Terry Page, thanked our Guests of Honour Misha Alishabaya & Dr Hans Grigoleit for travelling from Moscow and Weisbaden respectiverly, and giving such an informative and excellent display of their Batum collections, the President also thanked all  those whom had displayed and also gave special thanks  to Thomas Berger for travelling from Swizterland to share more of his collection with us. The Oktober  Weekend 2011, was attended by some 20+ members and guests

Dates for the’ Oktober Weekend’ 2012 and programme of displays, will be announced during 2012.