Wishing all members and friends a peaceful and happy 2022.

We begin the year with our first online ZOOM meeting on Sunday 9 January at 7.30pm GMT.

1. Neil Ritchie, host (President BSRP) – Welcome

2. Gilbert Rios – What place for Baltic governorates in Russian postal history?
Now retired, Gilbert was Professor, Head of the Chemical Engineering Department at the School of Chemistry of the University of Montpellier and Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (London). He worked actively for more than 15 years in various research programs for the European Commission and UNESCO. His main interests are in postal history of Imperial Russia (and to a lesser extent, pre-1900’s Swiss philately or German old states)

3. Neil Ritchie – Latvia Postal Censorship 1919-1921

I’m a retired Architect living in Sheffield UK. My collecting interests include WW1 Russian and Finnish censorship marks, Allied Intervention into Russia, WW2 Pictorial Soviet Fieldpost stationery, Latvian Ruble period 1918-1922, Poland (mainly 1944-45 plus a few other periods). In addition, I have put together a collection of WW1 Canadian Military 1914-1919 from mobilization, the first contingent, the western front, Canadian military railways in France and finishing with their part in the Allied Intervention into Russia. I own an undeveloped collection of the Spanish Civil War and I am the editor of the Spanish Study Circle magazine “Espana”, in spite of knowing very little about Spanish Philately, but it’s a quick way to learn. I was introduced about ten years ago to the BSRP by Edward Klempka and managed to attend some of the pre-Covid London meetings .

4. Recent interesting acquisitions, your questions and answers


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